Sasché Butter

What it does : This chebe infused butter helps reduce breakage and shedding, which in turn promotes healthy hair and encourages growth.

Benefits of chebe infused butter : Lock in moisture, reduce breakage, hydrate & condition hair, help maintain length retention, contains anti-inflammatory properties and reconstructs & strengthens hair shafts.

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Sasché Leave-In Spray

What it does : Hydrates, nourishes and conditions your hair using a gentle mist leaving your hair soft and moisturized.

Benefits of rose and hibiscus: Rose water softens hair, reduces dandruff and oiliness, is extremely high in vitamins A, B3, C and E which nourishes your scalp. Giving your hair a healthy growing point.

Hibiscus water is rich in amino acids which nourishes hair, keeps hair shiny, helps prevents frizz, reduces breakage and helps prevent premature graying.

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These products will help protect and strengthen all hair types, from beautiful kinky curls & locs to short & long flowing tresses. I created chebe infused products that will nourish and keep your hair hydrated and healthy using only natural ingredients. I truly hope you enjoy.

- Essence Johnson